Monday, January 31, 2005

A brand new week!

This is a brand new week and like I said, the stars (!!) predict that we will have a great week ahead...Let us see..

Friday, January 28, 2005

Weekend here at last

Seems like a double post today! Well, well, what is the world coming to? Just that the weekend is here. Counting the hours when I can get away from this office and actually go to sleep. Damn, pretty ok week I should say.

Lets hope the coming week is a good one. The stars (!!) predict that this will be so.

A great Windies victory.

I had to post this blog.

My favorite team (the only reason I watch cricket sometimes), West Indies have posted an emphatic victory against Pakistan. And the man of the match effort was by Brain Charles Lara, the world's best batsman (Tendulwho??). He scored an amzing 156 runs off 138 balls to take the Windies to 346. A great total that Pakistan could not overtake. I came across this piece on the net on Lara's batting..."A brilliant one-handed swipe over the point fence brought back memories of Sir Vivian Richards as Lara thrashed the Pakistan bowlers all over the park in an innings of genius - a word that should not be used or taken lightly.

Amazing, a good start to a boring day. Hope Australia also gets this treatment.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Philosophical day

Seemed like a very philosophical day to begin with! And there it went, all down the drain. The first song that I heard in the morning was "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" by Green Day! An amazing song, not like the usual stuff from Green Day, but still a very catchy song. So much so that I kep humming the same song all through the day. People started looking at me strangely, but it still would not leave me.

And then, I was chatting with this friend of mine, Mahesh online and we were talking about Life! Damn, imagine me to be talking some serious stuff like this for once!! And then we were discussing about how we needed a "Voyage of self discovery!!". Man, that was Far OUT!!! But seriously, that seems like something we need to do sometime in life.. no time like now! So lets see if this works out.

Then I got this news that my friends band, Bhoomi, was not selected for the Great Indian Rock festival. The guy looked dead to the world. Dont worry dude, we all know that Amit Sehgal does not bother about South Indian bands!! To protest, please visit this link.

And then, the whole day was a DRAG. Anyone heard of daymares? (as in nightmares u have in the day! DUH!!), I had them. I am looking forward to this weekend. Feel like going on a long ride (on a bike, no way a car!!), except that I do not have a bike!! Beg, Borrow or Steal I say.

So anyone with a nice Thunderbird??

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Republic day

And it is "Republic Day" again in India. While the rest of India has a day off, we got to go to office. The only good thing is that we can wear casuals today, and the weekend is that much closer! And do we wish for something good to happen to our country? No, we do not, as India is what it is - always!!

Monday, January 24, 2005

Tsunami bore...

Well, seems like I got to start forgetting about the Tsunami after all, like my friend Renie says. Outdated stuff?? Maybe but who the f*** cares ya machan?? And dude, do we care if my blog is read by "white" people and they get annoyed by reading about dead "brown" people again and again and again?? And 9/11?? Need not even compare that to this!! Bu yeah, maybe it is getting a tad tiresome to read about the Tsunami EVERYWHERE!! So, as of today, i shall veer away from this topic, who knows, I may get something to write about again!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Stop giving money for the Tsunami Relief Fund!!!

I really hope that the title made you stand up and take notice!! Yes, I am saying this truly, please stop giving for the Relief Fund...there is too much that is going to waste. By waste, I do not mean that the needy are given all the relief items and that there is much leftovers! I mean that what you have sent to these people is not reaching them properly. I remember when this tsunami happened ( I live in Nagercoil, near the coast incidentally), my friend at once said that people all over the world are going to pour in relief in both cash and kind and most of it is not going to reach the people who really need it. I did not quite believe him, but I knew that most of it would reach them atleast.

Now, I come across Samuels blog, where he has given links to sites that show that the relief has not really reached completely, especially to the Dalits! Do we still use that name in India?? Do we still consider people untouchables in India??. Where do we go from here if we are still in the Dark Ages?? We speak so much of India being a progressive nation. I ask every Indian who reads this, are you progressive if you can be so backward in your thinking? And you have the b@lls to say that they are backward??

I have some great links here that will help you take actions against such injustice, however small the effort may be, I am sure that this will help.

Here is a link to the Indian Express, where this is all through it here.

Indian Express

There is a complete Tsunami Report written up with the very apt title, "How Right is it to review discrimination in crisis and even death?", click here.

And finally, there is a site that is specifically for Dalits, and this article on it says, "Tsunami Relief for Dalits". Damn, I thought that the relief was for everyone!! I do not blame the people who have put up this site and also are providing relief for Dalits...that is only because they are not getting relief from elsewhere. Click for this article here.

In the land of the Mahatma and Ambedkar (long forgotten heroes, I know), we still have such abject caste discrimination....take a look.

Do whatever you can to take action..NOW!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Back from a trip to Kerala...

Last weekend, some friends from our office and me went to Chengannur, Kerala to attend a colleagues wedding. The trip was great considering that we started off late from office and reached the bus station just in time, well, to be honest much after time. Since there was 12 of us, they were actually waiting for us. It was a good trip and to go to Kerala after a long time was in fact nice. The weather was hot and humid, but that is something that we can expect. And also, the place where we stayed in was not the best, but Hey!, we have stayed in worse places!

The first day, me and Anwin went first off to have breakfast of Parottas and beef!!! It was nice to eat beef after such a long time. All these ridiculous vegetarians with their squeamish ideas that non-veg is not for humans!! I curse you all!! We then had a great trip to the backwaters near Kottayam and there are some amazing pictures of that. I will be putting that up soon.

We did get to try out some traditional "kallu"...which was simply amazing....The day was really a blast and we returned back to the lodge, exhasuted.

The next day was the wedding, which we very nearly missed...and the trip back to Bangalore was HELL...

Work was even worse except to know that we are all considered equal on the floor now with everyone else...

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Nothing much to add...

Here I am again with nothing interesting to add...

Just that I came across this amazing free encyclopedia on the net, that is also sort of an Open Source movement, something that I am very much interested in!! Do check out this link for a very COMPREHENSIVE site...


And also I think it is time for me to tell people who do not know about this great browser that is available for free on the net, Mozilla Firefox. It has clocked so many millions of downloads worldwide that Microsoft is already running scared and thinking of buying it out!!

Nothing else...

Monday, January 10, 2005


Well, the title kind of speaks for itself. This came to my mind last Sunday and has not left my mind since. It crept up to my head when we were playing a game of cricket for our team. I see that all the guys in our team are interested in individual glory (much like my hated Indian cricket team). They are all at tangents to each other, all looking for glory as individuals WITHIN a team!!. Is that possible?? I think not! When you are a team, you have to think differently and the main goal here is to work for the betterment of the team and not as an individual. I thought that this may have been easy for guys like us who work as a team, but very sadly, they did not show it on the field. To cut a very long and sad story short, we lost - to a very ordinary team. A match we could have won easily.

Heres to tangents!!

Friday, January 07, 2005


Seems like a very good time to place an order for a new bike! A friend of mine from office had just purchased a new Yamaha Fazer motorcycle and I liked it, gives me ideas to place an order for the same, except change the headlamp. For those of you who have looked at the Fazer that was released in India, you must have noticed the headlamps that look like the eyes of a dragon-fly! Though this is a stunning new design in India, it does not gel very well with the rest of the bike. Give me an old fashioned round headlamp anyday! I might buy this bike in the "near future", but change the headlamp as soon as possible after that. I am looking forward the day when I do finally plan to place an order for this.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

An ordinary day

Today was another ordinary day and nothing exciting happened at work or otherwise. But there were certain interesting things that did happen actually, one that there is a new scooterette at home and also that I finally located the artist who created all that amazing artwork for the Nativity In Black album.

I remember those days when we tripped on the Nativity In Black album or N.I.B as it was called and for my part, I really loved the artwork on the CD. It was classic and very haunting. I finally have been able to locate the artist, a Kaluta on the web. This is his site.

There are some amazing images on this page.

Thats my post for the day, hope you enjoyed it...until tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Another boring day!!!

Well, well, seems like I am already running out of things to write about...the proverbial writers block it seems!!... Nothing interesting came up today except that I came across an interesting site that my friend John Kenneth was browsing... you can view this site at the following link.

Also, my good friend Anwin, had started a blog just before I started this one, you can check it out at the following link.

It mainly deals with some sarcastic poetry that he writes himself...two of those are dedicated to a friend who works with us, Queen Nothing!!!

Monday, January 03, 2005

First Blog for the year 2005!

Well, looks like I have not been able to blog for 2 days. I have caught up though. Like many people say, blogging is great fun and is quite addictive. The New Year has been great so far, what with celebrations on the 31st running into the 1st of this year. The last year was pretty good, though it was marred by the tragedy brought by the Tsunamis on South Asia. Let us hope that this year is a good year.