Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Republic day

And it is "Republic Day" again in India. While the rest of India has a day off, we got to go to office. The only good thing is that we can wear casuals today, and the weekend is that much closer! And do we wish for something good to happen to our country? No, we do not, as India is what it is - always!!


  1. Lets get on the warpath to make India great. For that the road is simple - get the muslims to like the hindus and the hindus to like the muslims and christians and other minorities. Phew... I am sweating already. The worst part is that 50% or sometimes less number of today's generation does not have this so called hatred to other religions. But in the end when they are grown up they get raped - yeah I did say raped - from their almost pure minds by older generations or other people who can easily influence the thinking process of young minds. This is one obstacle. For others as I think may be, try Anwin.

  2. India is a Great Country.

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