Thursday, January 27, 2005

Philosophical day

Seemed like a very philosophical day to begin with! And there it went, all down the drain. The first song that I heard in the morning was "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" by Green Day! An amazing song, not like the usual stuff from Green Day, but still a very catchy song. So much so that I kep humming the same song all through the day. People started looking at me strangely, but it still would not leave me.

And then, I was chatting with this friend of mine, Mahesh online and we were talking about Life! Damn, imagine me to be talking some serious stuff like this for once!! And then we were discussing about how we needed a "Voyage of self discovery!!". Man, that was Far OUT!!! But seriously, that seems like something we need to do sometime in life.. no time like now! So lets see if this works out.

Then I got this news that my friends band, Bhoomi, was not selected for the Great Indian Rock festival. The guy looked dead to the world. Dont worry dude, we all know that Amit Sehgal does not bother about South Indian bands!! To protest, please visit this link.

And then, the whole day was a DRAG. Anyone heard of daymares? (as in nightmares u have in the day! DUH!!), I had them. I am looking forward to this weekend. Feel like going on a long ride (on a bike, no way a car!!), except that I do not have a bike!! Beg, Borrow or Steal I say.

So anyone with a nice Thunderbird??

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