Monday, January 17, 2005

Back from a trip to Kerala...

Last weekend, some friends from our office and me went to Chengannur, Kerala to attend a colleagues wedding. The trip was great considering that we started off late from office and reached the bus station just in time, well, to be honest much after time. Since there was 12 of us, they were actually waiting for us. It was a good trip and to go to Kerala after a long time was in fact nice. The weather was hot and humid, but that is something that we can expect. And also, the place where we stayed in was not the best, but Hey!, we have stayed in worse places!

The first day, me and Anwin went first off to have breakfast of Parottas and beef!!! It was nice to eat beef after such a long time. All these ridiculous vegetarians with their squeamish ideas that non-veg is not for humans!! I curse you all!! We then had a great trip to the backwaters near Kottayam and there are some amazing pictures of that. I will be putting that up soon.

We did get to try out some traditional "kallu"...which was simply amazing....The day was really a blast and we returned back to the lodge, exhasuted.

The next day was the wedding, which we very nearly missed...and the trip back to Bangalore was HELL...

Work was even worse except to know that we are all considered equal on the floor now with everyone else...

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