Monday, January 10, 2005


Well, the title kind of speaks for itself. This came to my mind last Sunday and has not left my mind since. It crept up to my head when we were playing a game of cricket for our team. I see that all the guys in our team are interested in individual glory (much like my hated Indian cricket team). They are all at tangents to each other, all looking for glory as individuals WITHIN a team!!. Is that possible?? I think not! When you are a team, you have to think differently and the main goal here is to work for the betterment of the team and not as an individual. I thought that this may have been easy for guys like us who work as a team, but very sadly, they did not show it on the field. To cut a very long and sad story short, we lost - to a very ordinary team. A match we could have won easily.

Heres to tangents!!


  1. Check this out

  2. Thanks a lost for the link Anonymous....makes me a feel a little better when i look at things so objectively...well, as we all say, life goes on!

  3. yea dude..Its not fair when people hog the limelight and win! Kindly be like me if u hog the limelight u must win! he he

  4. HE HE

    Reminds me of Robin from school, who could never pass and had to be instructed to just pass.

    Still remember losing that football match. Didn't know you played cricket man. Never saw you playing it in Madurai.


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