Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Stop giving money for the Tsunami Relief Fund!!!

I really hope that the title made you stand up and take notice!! Yes, I am saying this truly, please stop giving for the Relief Fund...there is too much that is going to waste. By waste, I do not mean that the needy are given all the relief items and that there is much leftovers! I mean that what you have sent to these people is not reaching them properly. I remember when this tsunami happened ( I live in Nagercoil, near the coast incidentally), my friend at once said that people all over the world are going to pour in relief in both cash and kind and most of it is not going to reach the people who really need it. I did not quite believe him, but I knew that most of it would reach them atleast.

Now, I come across Samuels blog, where he has given links to sites that show that the relief has not really reached completely, especially to the Dalits! Do we still use that name in India?? Do we still consider people untouchables in India??. Where do we go from here if we are still in the Dark Ages?? We speak so much of India being a progressive nation. I ask every Indian who reads this, are you progressive if you can be so backward in your thinking? And you have the b@lls to say that they are backward??

I have some great links here that will help you take actions against such injustice, however small the effort may be, I am sure that this will help.

Here is a link to the Indian Express, where this is all through it here.

Indian Express

There is a complete Tsunami Report written up with the very apt title, "How Right is it to review discrimination in crisis and even death?", click here.

And finally, there is a site that is specifically for Dalits, and this article on it says, "Tsunami Relief for Dalits". Damn, I thought that the relief was for everyone!! I do not blame the people who have put up this site and also are providing relief for Dalits...that is only because they are not getting relief from elsewhere. Click for this article here.

In the land of the Mahatma and Ambedkar (long forgotten heroes, I know), we still have such abject caste discrimination....take a look.

Do whatever you can to take action..NOW!


  1. Surely, you are an unpatriotic guy who says we are in the dark ages. How dare you say that? Don't you see the progress we have made and the distances we have travelled?

    It is people like you who bring a bad name to India. :-)

    On a serious note, not many people are ashamed that this happens. Therein lies the problem. I can only hope these apologies for humans discover their decency one day.

  2. Mixture of attitude, testosterone, anger and reasoning... nice stuff man. Now get off that wasted Tsunami's case and go onto something else. I'm seeing it on way too many websites of late, it's becoming as tiresome as 9/11 was. Think of those poor Americans having to read about dead asians day in and day out. They have a public exposure of a Jackson family boob to worry about, among other things. It's been only less than a year since that catitstrophe happened.

  3. Samuel! Just realized that I've come across your blog before, almost a year ago. Not too sure how I landed up there. Was probably looking for Porn or something.

  4. Renie, I do get a few hits from people looking for porn. cracks me up everytime.


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