Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Nothing much to add...

Here I am again with nothing interesting to add...

Just that I came across this amazing free encyclopedia on the net, that is also sort of an Open Source movement, something that I am very much interested in!! Do check out this link for a very COMPREHENSIVE site...


And also I think it is time for me to tell people who do not know about this great browser that is available for free on the net, Mozilla Firefox. It has clocked so many millions of downloads worldwide that Microsoft is already running scared and thinking of buying it out!!

Nothing else...


  1. Now I know you aren't a geek. Discovering Wikipedia and Mozilla this late man, you definitely are not a geek. I am a minor geek and am happy to find out that you are not one yet.

    Some sources for the geek hidden deep inside you.

    Now that you have Mozilla with its "Open in new tab feature", you will see time rushing by.

    Happy reading.

  2. Thanks a lot Samuel....well, to tell u the truth, i am a minor geek myself!! Linux running on my computer, Mozilla (not firefox) when it was released, GNU software where possible, Open Source whenever possible....these were stuff i used some 5-6 years back....good to know that you are also interested in stuff like this....though we are not geeks!!!


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