Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Slumdog bullshit

Kamal Haasan sums it all up very well:

"This day means something to Danny Boyle, Rahman and to an extent some of the Indians. But it doesn’t mean anything to Indian cinema till Indian cinema tries to make quality films. So when it does that, it will deserve the recognition and it doesn’t mean that we are not making quality cinemas. We are not respecting quality cinemas as it should be. That is because content might be king but placement is very important."

So all you jokers rejoicing on Indian cinema's superb victory at the Oscars - read between the lines. A R Rahman won - awesome! Leave it at that. This ain't no effing Indian victory.

Thanks to for the article and the words from Kamal Haasan.


  1. LOL! My thoughts exactly - kills me when I see people saying that the movie portrays India in bad light, especially when jokers from Bollywood say it. Keep dancing around trees, that'll show the world the real India.

  2. Point well noted. But theres no way of making our Indian Junta see sense now is there?

  3. No....there ain't no way! Sigh!

  4. People do not recognize the Oscars is for honoring American cinema and not the world cinema. Won an Oscar! good, move on.



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