Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Drunk women

Sanjeeb sometimes has this really hilarious way of putting things across.

Met him recently and we were discussing the moral policing going all around, especially in Bangalore and Mangalore. We were thinking how even some well learned (sic) guys working in our offices thought the women were to blame for the ills befalling them and how they all seemed to think that the women brought the problems upon themselves. He described a conversation he had in the office with one such "learned" individual...

Sanjeeb : Sad man, the way women are getting harassed even in Bangalore these days.
Pseudo-progressive-dumbfuck-fascist-cultureupholder-pinkchaddiwearer: Bullshit! How can women or girls go to bars and pubs and drink. They will either get sloshed or try and pick up guys.
Sanjeeb: But that don't mean women can't have a good time.
P-p-d-f-c-p: But once they start drinking, then they start wearing all these revealing clothes..
Sanjeeb: wtf?!?! But you can drink?
P-p-d-f-c-p: Yeah men can drink. And once these women start drinking, then the children also later start drinking because of the mothers and spoil our culture.
Sanjeeb : Err, is that how you started drinking?
P-p-d-f-c-p: (ppd his pants and went crying to his mom)!!

Bloody 'ell mate - I am going to be marked for this!


  1. Pseudo-progressive-dumbfuck-fascist-cultureupholder-pinkchaddiwearer LOL!!

  2. Haha, rage brings nice words to me mate!


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