Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Slumdog bullshit

Kamal Haasan sums it all up very well:

"This day means something to Danny Boyle, Rahman and to an extent some of the Indians. But it doesn’t mean anything to Indian cinema till Indian cinema tries to make quality films. So when it does that, it will deserve the recognition and it doesn’t mean that we are not making quality cinemas. We are not respecting quality cinemas as it should be. That is because content might be king but placement is very important."

So all you jokers rejoicing on Indian cinema's superb victory at the Oscars - read between the lines. A R Rahman won - awesome! Leave it at that. This ain't no effing Indian victory.

Thanks to for the article and the words from Kamal Haasan.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

My photo blog

Ok, since I bought a new camera some weeks back- a Canon EOS 1000D, I have wanted to experiment like mad with all the settings possible. Who knows, maybe in due course, I can take some good pics too. In this pursuit, I have started my own photo blog on blogger - Naveen's Clicks. I (had) have resolved to post a pic a day on this blog - no hard and set rule - which I have broken already! I hope to put my own images and plan to post a different subject in each pic. Hopefully the pics, with the titles will make you think or do a double take!

I bought this awesome camera the same day when I had the cast removed. Was actually cradling the baby before I met the doc in the hospital. Hands itching to start shooting - I was going mad! And the first few days was horrible with not being able to hold the camera well - damn hand wouldn't do what I wanted it to do. But now that that is all fixed and fine, I have been able to go crazy. Took it to Gerald's wedding and the Rider Mania 2009 and hopefully took some great pics!

Might write a review of the camera later - for now, visit my photo blog. And I am posting a teaser image below.


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Kingfisher Heavy Metal Blogger Meet / Iron Maiden in Bangalore

Ok, all ye Maiden fans - and I mean Iron Maiden fans - put on your best black Maiden T-shirts, start a blog somewhere, register on Indiblogger and make it to the Kingfisher sponsored Heavy Metal Blogger meet.

Ah, well, dammit all! Just make it for the Heavy Metal Blogger meet!

Kingfisher premium is sponsoring the meet this time - so you know what that means! You will get Kingfisher Premium Bottled Water! Wink wink! Love the Indiblogger poster on that site!!.

Anyways, this is to be held the day before Iron Maiden blows the town to smithereens. So get down on your knees - assume an attitude!

The first time Iron Maiden came to India, I went bonkers and started an Iron Maiden week on my blog.

I started off the series of posts with 6 days to go for the Maiden concert.

My next post - with 5 days to go was about the album Killers and especially "Murders in the Rue Morgue". Di'Anno at his best.

Another day and 4 days to go got me more pepped up. I realised that I cannot cover a song from a Maiden album a day - so pushed it to 3 albums a day!. Wrote about songs from "Number of the Beast", "Powerslave" and "Piece of Mind".

3 days to go and I think I lost my math somewhere - X Factor was covered - one of my favourite Maiden albums!.

Got down to some of the latest albums with the last 2 days.

The last post was post the Maiden concert! Even at that time, I was waiting for the next Maiden concert with all the old songs. Sometimes, dreams come true!

Kid after dentist

Hoohooo...came across this video of a "intoxicated" kid after a dentists appointment....

Hmm....ideas ideas!