Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ubuntu and a new computer

Have been looking to get a new computer for quite some time. Due to some foreseen circumstances ( no money), I have been putting it off for some time. Now I think I can afford one. As usual, my CPU will be an AMD. Read up on the new Phenom processors and don't think they are that great a set of processors. Anyway, too costly. So am settling for the older Athlon core processors. Checking on the net, I also see that I can get a neat 19" Viewsonic LCD monitor for around 9000 bucks. Thats cool. Also saw that the prices of 250 GB Seagate hard drives are amazingly low. And the RAM - drool! drool! as cheap as 1000 bucks for 1GB and at 800MHz speeds. Awesome!!! So thats the basic stuff I need. Oh yeah and most important - the Motherboard. Planning to get an ATX MSI motherboard for close to 6K. Cool. Lets see if I can get it this weekend. And the best for last - install Ubuntu!!! Hardy Heron more specifically. Have already placed the order at ShipIt.

Update on the Ubuntu installation - have already downloaded the Ubuntu-8.04-desktop-amd64.iso. Found it easier to do than wait for the CD to come through. Downloads fast also, using a BitTorrent client.


  1. Dude... 1GB RAM is just 1000 bucks??? Seriously... I'm have to upgrade. Buy two. I'll pay you.

  2. Mine has 8 gigs; but, one can always use more RAM :D

    The older AMD's are amazing, fantastic value for money!

    I agree about the Phenom; I'd wait till AMD puts out a real product instead of this hashjob they tried to fill the time with till their next latest and greatest.


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