Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How can we improve the traffic condition in our city?

Ok, I should have blogged about this on the 20th as the topic for the day in the ongoing Blogathon. Didn't get time and thought I'd write now. Right now.

I have written about traffic problems before on my caustic look at Educated fools. I am writing about traffic problems now. I will be writing about traffic problems in the future. Cause it is going to be PERENNIAL!!. Unless we change our mindset about a lot of things, we cannot really change the traffic problems. In fact, I believe that the roads are not the only problem. Its the attitude. But hey, what isn't?

But its quite insane when you look to see that a distance of just 8 kms sometimes can take you an hour!!. I travel by company cab and my drivers are either Schumachers or guys who should be driving bullock carts on dusty dry roads in some village somewhere. There is this particular driver who sits without his back touching the seat, haunched and ready to run!!. He literally takes turns like one does when in a go-kart. I really do feel that I will get killed or maimed one day for sure. But the point is, I make sure that he does follow traffic rules whenever possible. And its good to know that he is actually following them - atleast when I am there.

One thing that I have noticed or something that is rather obvious is that everyone is in a damned hurry. To get to where, nobody knows. I doubt if the guy realises that cutting lanes and all that is not going to shave more than a couple of minutes. By the way they drive, sometimes he might not even make it. Crazy idea, but I think I have a small solution. Cabs/cars that make insane turns etc have to be stopped. No tickets, nothing. Just lock the car tyres and let the driver/passengers steam for a while. Then let them go. But for this, we need more cops. Ok, we need more honest cops. And for that, we need people with good attitude in the first place. Err, isn't that where we started?


  1. Actually a good idea may be to lock the tyre until they come to pay up at the court. No bribes but the fine has to be paid only in court... and that too only on specific days of the week...hehehehe

  2. Yeah good idea mach....but like all things in India, they will bribe the cop to remove the locks and we are back to square one....oh pessimism, how great thou art!! :)


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