Monday, April 28, 2008


Me and Manu were discussing this amazing movie - "Once Upon A Time In The West" which stars Charles Bronson as Harmonica. Beautiful movie. It was followed only later by "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly". Love this movie and we are trying to get the soundtrack. Well, Manu has this to say and I totall agree!!
A big carpeted room with 2 split ACs (like Renie's Ngl room), a couple of bean bags, sitting on a monday afternoon when the whole world is working, sipping ice cold beer and watching western classics in a 42inch plasma TV with surround speakers....
Wouldnt that be something...


  1. Yea... true, been there.... except for the split AC of course.

  2. Someday soon dude... someday soon! :)

  3. Renie - Hehe, looking forward to it!!

    Zeon - dude, you were on that "spent" bean carpet and drinking cool beer on the evenings - not mornings!! :)

  4. yup dude...looking forward to it

    BTW, naveen i got the soundtrack

  5. hehehe...big tv a must

  6. hehehehe.... Just stumbled on yur blog following links... I am freelance consultant, and i get to do this very often!!! Consider myself damn lucky...

    Wanted to know if you guys could get me Bronsons - Mr. Majestyk soundtrack... am a die hard bronson fan :)

  7. Err, Anony-mouse!!

    Thanks for the comments....I am a Charles Bronson fan too....great actor!!

    As for the music, I don't want to break the law know where to look for stuff like this!!

  8. Damn! hardluck i should say! i know where to look for stuffs, however been unlucky with mr. majestyk sound track. will keep trying. I almost spent a lot of time effort in buying all of Bronsons original DVD's Except for 1, which is out of stock always!

    do you own all of his works?


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