Thursday, March 15, 2007

Iron Maiden Countdown - Tomorrows the day!!

Yoohoo!!! Maiden will be here tomorrow. Damn, haven't decided on the logistics of getting 10 guys out to the concert but Anoop and Anwin working on that. Might have to even hire a cab. Manu and Joel turning up from Vellore and Nagercoil. Renie from Chennai. Then its me, Anwin, Anoop, Abhilash and Karthik. Damn, looking forward to the concert!!. Going to be one hell of a party!.

Moving on to my daily quota of Maiden, we move on to another Maiden era. The return of Adrian Smith and Bruce Dickinson. This new album was quite apropriately named "Brave New World". This ones got some great songs. My favourites are "Ghost Of the Navigator", "Blood Brothers" and "The Nomad". Somehow Maiden started sounding a little different from now.

And we "arrive" at "Dance Of Death". The cover is lousy. Plain and simple. Damn, what were they thinking? You look forward to Maiden covers and this one is a dissapointment. Oh well, lets move onto the music. One of the best songs on the album is "Montsegur". Beautiful lines...

As we kill them all so God will know his own
The innocents died for the Pope on his throne
Catholic greed and its paranoid zeal
Curse of the grail and the blood of the cross

Templar believers with blood on their hands
Joined in the chorus to kill on demand
Burned at the stake for their soul's liberty
To stand with the cathars, to die and be free

The book of Old Testament crippled and black
Satan - his weapon is lust
Leaving this evil damnation of flesh
Back to the torture of lies

And the title track is a pretty good song too. Starts off with some pretty haunting lyrics..

Let me tell you a story to chill the bones
About a thing that I saw
One night wandering in the everglades
I'd one drink but no more

I was rambling, enjoying the bright moonlight
Gazing up at the stars
Not aware of a presence so near to me
Watching my every move

But the best song on the album has to be "Paschendale". Based on a battle of WWI, it takes you into it.

And I think i meet my deadline. The latest album from Maiden, much awaited - "A Matter Of Life And Death". To tell you, I liked this album more than the last two Maiden albums. This album is truly Iron Maiden!. The first song that hits you will be "These Colours Don't Run". Hmm, can't really write too much about this album except that you have to listen to it!!

Ok, I finally finished it.


  1. yoo hoo... they are gonna be here... yoo hoo

  2. Finally!!! something that we never gonna forget... is going to happen!!!

    i will try to be in my senses!!!
    Don't want to miss even a sec of the concert. will try my best not to blink at all.


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