Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Iron Maiden Countdown - 2 days to go

Well, if its 3 days to go, I seem to have lost the count somewhere. Or so you think. Wait for the grand finale!!. Damn, writing this bit of commentary/countdown has been very interesting. It has made me listen to Maiden all over again. I also am getting more hits on my site. But I would love to hear from all you people who visit my site. Just leave some comments. Feedback you see...

Moving on, its "Fear Of the Dark". Damn, this album is worth its cover itself!. What amazing artwork!. And the album has some great songs too. "From Here To Eternity" has some great lines...

She fell in love with his greasy machine
She leaned over wiped his kickstart clean
She'd never seen the beast before
But she left there wanting more more more

But when she was walking on down the road
She heard a sound that made her heart explode
He whispered to her to get on the back
"I'll take you on ride from here to eternity"

Haha, those are lines with innuendo. There are more songs that I love on the album, but I would love to hear them perform the title track. The live versions are killer!.

Skipping the live albums, we have finally reached another era in Iron Maiden, albeit a short-lived one. This is the one where Bruce Dickinson has left, replaced by Blaze Bayley. Too many Maiden fans really hate this album. They even go so far as to call it a joke. I say, bullshit!! This is another of my favourite Maiden albums. I pretty much like the whole album. It starts off with the "Sign Of the Cross". It starts off slowly but builds into a crescendo. The song just keeps playing in your head over and over again.

Another beautiful song on this album is "The Edge Of Darkness". If you have watched "Apocalypse Now", you can relate the lyrics to the movie. There are even lines that appear in the movie. Love the movie, love the song!. Fucking awesome lines....

He's acting like a god - an insane lunatic
Your mission - exterminate with extreme prejudice
The route is dangerous and your progress may be slow
Here is the file and it's all you need to know

Here I am the knife in my hand
And now I understand why the genius must die

Now I stand alone in the darkness
With his blood upon my hands
Where sat the warrior the poet
Now lie the fragments of a man

Errr, we move onto Virtual XI. Umm, err. No really, I even like this album. Though not really a strong Maiden album, it somehow feels a little undermade. If thats a word!. But whatever people might say, you can never find fault with Harris' songwriting abilities. Dude can really write some really great songs. Outstanding songs are "The Clansman", "Don't Look To the Eyes Of A Stranger" and "Como Estais Amigos". Even this album can grow on you.

Tomorrow, another era in Maiden. Bruce "Air-Raid-Siren" Dickinson is back!!.

For complete lyrics for Maiden and other "Dark" bands, visit DarkLyrics.

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