Monday, March 19, 2007

Iron Maiden Concert

Well, its true when they say time flies by fast when you are having fun!. Damn, these 3 days went by in a flash and we all had a great time. We ended Friday and started Saturday by painting a banner to take to the Iron Maiden concert. It simply read - "Fuck. We've been waiting for you". What happened to the banner when we tried to unfurl it and pass it along during the concert is another story. But we had fun planning the banner and painting it. Saturday came bright and early and we missed our tickets at home and went halfway through. Finally managed to reach the venue and we weren't able to push into the front rows like we usually do!. Well, the opening act was a fucking joke and Lauren Harris - can you sing?

Maiden came on stage and everything else is a blur cause I was fucking having a great time!. The best part is that they are coming again - and this time no Eddfest. Old Maiden songs!!. Great time guys!!.


  1. Oh K!!! So we really missed the tickets!!i thought,u were playing with Edin's head??? that was scary!!!

  2. now you can die in peace ?!

  3. Abhi, no we weren't playing with Edin's head.....yeah it was so scary i lost my high!!!

    Yeah Raghav, now I can die in peace!!!

    Renie, what aah?? sigh of contention??

  4. Awesome count down entry Mr.Roy! Reading between the lines i saw ur question. Yes, i read your blog everyday (I mean ALMOST..). For me, its still like a dream i am not out of that day yet. Not that i know all their classic numbers, but they played all my favorites except for "Wasting love". Talk about the day, Booze, buddies and good laughs... Fuck one of my best days since a very long time.

  5. Hey thanks for that Siva....yeah that day was awesome.....after all these years of waiting for Maiden.....

  6. And Renie - thats a sigh of content!! hehe


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