Monday, January 29, 2007

Left hand, stone throw, crow

Renie flying back to chennai - Flight re-schedule - frantic phonecalls - book flight ticket - terrace - Old Monk - Coke - dehydration - pack of cards - first time I joined a card game - "nerve-wracking dude" - good sort of nerve wracking - lost - Aces, spades, trumps - no one cared about the game - decide to debate - television viewing, good or bad - no point debating - religion (great topic) - think alike - no point debating - agree on same points - discuss purpose of our lives on earth - good topic - different angles on same view - more drink - healthy discussion (note: not debate) - bringing up kids - morality - respect - passing on information to the kids - questioning our existence - answers can be passed on - so no more same questions - but different questions may be asked - circle of life - school days - beginning of The Chows - Ngl - school - crushes - Tonya - teachers - libraries - stolen books, glances, peeps, brushups, black lace - plate-washing-place - rice - school-days - Asaripallam - stolen lunch box - driver - merry-go-round - stage performance - enthusiasm - Gerald - valentines card - Backstreet Boys! - at her house - Godson, Omni - denial - porn - Seruppu, flying - magazines - Sputnik - Renie, Anoop - classroom - Anand - punishment, fear - AK - Gladrags - Bernard - gangup - Anwin, denial - me, new - me, one of them - ICSE - first friend - colour dress - Daniel - salt tests - practical exam - Copper Sulphate - burette, conical flask, burrette, all broken - winding up - cycling - waiting after school - anoops house

And the best of all.....that after close to 15? years, Renie (and I think the rest of us) came to know (from two sides of the story) that Anoop managed to close his eyes in that very infamous incident where Renie threw a stone at Anoop's eye. Renie, infact had thrown it with his left hand, at a crow, sitting BEHIND Anoop, cause he was eating and his right hand was dirty!. Hit Anoop's eye and he managed to close his eye in time and balked in all the attention that he received after that!!.

Damn, really good one that had us laughing for a long time.

Dudes, wouldn't trade that night for anything......great night........


  1. ha ha ha!! well written!!!!! and in chronological order tooo!!!!!!

    I still think that bastard Renie threw the stone on me on purpose and stealing my woman!!!

    reflecting on Anwin...its good to have the real you back machaan!

    I wish Manu, Gerry and Anand were there too... who knows what other "skeletons in the closet" we would have dug up!

    well...lets always keep going the buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..he he

  2. good one. pages of story squeezed in a para !

    some of the stuff u talked about was witnessed by me too - ngl-nostalgiaaaa :)

  3. Nice one man, a night worth blogging about! Buzzz....

  4. ha ha AK..remember that talcum powder incident?? he he

  5. You guys gone mad...that wht i can say.


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