Friday, February 02, 2007

Creative Zen Xtra

Damn, I lost it all....all 4816 songs that I had in my Creative Zen Xtra player. Damn, was deleting some songs since I didnt have space in the player, it froze up and didnt come back on until I re-installed the firmware. And this naturally, destroyed all data. Damn!!. Well, taking a new turn. Adding songs again. This time, also thinking of getting a new laptop hard-drive that I can fit into the player, probably a 60 Gig drive. Damn again!.

In fact, I have been re-searching on the net and came across some great links where they have steps on how to remove the old hard drive on the Creative Zen Xtra player and put in a larger one. Two of the best that I came across were from PimpSallad and another by ZenUpgrade. You can access these links by you know clicking the mouse when the pointer turns to a hand!!.

And for all those people having a hard time upgrading the firmware on the Zen players, you can access these links too!.

Have fun and wish me luck on getting back all the songs I need and also in getting a new hard drive for the player. Fuck warranties!!..

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