Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club

Finally I got an invite to ride with the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club and I accepted the invite on time. Even though Anwin wasn't here, I badly wanted to go on the ride. Checked with Anoop who was very much interested and raring to go. I was sent an email saying that we need to assemble at Town Hall at 0700 hrs sharp. Still groggy from all that tripping with Ramkumar the previous night, we woke up to cold weather in the morning. Started off and Anoop was egging me on to go faster as we were close to shooting the deadline. We reached the Town Hall and see 6 bikes assembled there. A couple of standard 350s and Thunderbirds. Introduced ourselves and went hunting for a tea-shop closeby. Damn, this is where I somehow like TN. There, you can get even hot food at 6 or 7 in the morning. Managed to hunt down a tea-shop and even though it was past 7, we thought that the riders will not turn up for some time and we can start reading the daily newspaper!. Well, time went by and more bikes did turn up and we finally ended up with 20 bikes. What a sight to behold! 20 variants of the Bullet all parked in front of Town Hall!.
Even though it was quite late, some of the older members finally arrived and we were told that the ride captain for the day, Trishul had fallen sick and hence would not be riding with us. So someone else took over and we were asked to ride in speeds were were comfortable with and also use the headlights.

First stop, the Shell petrol bunk on Mysore road and people were ogling at us. Rode off on the Mysore highway and it was an awesome ride. Stopped for breakfast and after losing the way once, we did manage to reach the Kanwai reservoir. Though it looked kinda barren without too much water, it still was a nice place to reach and we assembled in the shade to have an informal intro session. Good fun getting to know the people and even the pillion riders got a chance to introduce themselves. We hoped that some of them ride Bullets the next time.
We finally disbanded after a small photo session with all the bikes lined up. I have always wanted to be part of such a photo!.


Well, we finally decided to ride back as the heat was getting to all of us and I even remember nodding off on the way back. Dead tired and a great ride!!

The next time I ride with the RTMC, I will be part of the club. Looking forward to it.


  1. hmm...u people had a nice fun right...?? enjoy maadi..

  2. Thinking i should get bullet aswell.

  3. You will have to send an email to the bullet-bangalore-announce@yahoogroups.com and they will let you know when they have an announce ride.

  4. You write very well.


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