Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Aryan Invasion "Theory"

Whoever termed the above as a theory must be comprehensively fed to the hungriest of hyeanas!!! WTF?? When did this ever become a theory?? After the BJP first came to power?? To completely read on this theory, click here for an article on Wikipedia!! Even that is all on "allegedly" terms.....cause as you know, anyone can edit the page! So all you supremacist bastards, leave the page alone!!.

And moreover, on the page for Tamilnadu, under the heading Racial Concepts (and Wikipedia has accepted it), there is this line that speaks that "However, lighter Aryan-skin is considered more beautiful than darker-Dravidian skin."...WTF again!!??? Read on this line here.

Hitler would have been proud...turn in your frigging grave!!


  1. I did n't get a point - whether u believe in the idea of aryan invasion of india or not.....

    i ve done a bit of research(from the net) in this area.

    Most historians world over today acknowledge that aryan 'invasion' of india probably never happened.

    the popular theory today is of an aryan 'migration' into india.

    but there are many people(mainly indians and some westerners) who say even this is false.... and that today's indian population are largely descendants from indegenous people.

    i am not a historian, but i hated it in school history class when i was tought about aryan 'invasion'. Unfortunately, politics decides what goes in history books in India and it is still tought in schools. (Note: i am not with ANY political party. All are rascals)

  2. tell you the truth...maybe it is wrong to call it the Aryan Invasion.....maybe migration would sound better.....but it happened....and we know its sad when facts are distorted....


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