Thursday, October 12, 2006

Searches That Lead Here: Tagged

Well, since Rajesh tagged me and helped me out with how to get this information, I went into Google Analytics and located all the keywords that led people to my blog from search engines. Mine is not as interesting as I would have hoped it would be, but still there are some interesting ones. The keywords that came up on top were :

1. coolkrishnan - Wow, thats my friends blog. I wonder how people ended up on my blog when searching for his blog identity!!! Coolkrishnan, you better do something about it.
2. naveen roy blog - Well....
3. naveenroy+blog - Hmm...
4. cristiano+ronaldo - Thats interesting cause during the World Cup, I did blog about this and I have got a lotta hits on this. Have even been linked back to my post.
5. naveen+roy+blog - Boring!!
6. naveen+roy - Hehe, damn, hope its not some stoopid guys looking for my blog....Hot women maybe??
7. happydent ad - Haha, thats a really cool ad and I did link it on my blog..

Well, that was the top keywords.....scrolling down, lets see if there is something else interesting....

1. setc bangalore - Yeah, I had blogged about the pathetic journey me and Anwin had from Bangalore to Nagercoil last December....
2. setc tamilnadu - Same here
3. valeri+gradinarski - What?? well, a little bit of googling told me that hes a Bulgarian musician....
4. ...hmmm... - How many search results did u trawl to to reach my blog??
5. carvalho kicked groin - Thats damn funny....
6. ananiah+mccarrell - Well, a rock musician
7. dutch+helmets+and+sheilds - Can I start this new business??
8. dilana rockstar supernova blog - Yeah, did follow Rockstar Supernova regularly till the end and did blog about it too.
9. how to configure airtel broadband in ubuntu - Yeah, I was really glad to be able to configure Airtel Broadband on my comp the last time I went home. But for all of you who want complete information, here is a link on the Ubuntu India forums that will be of more help... HERE...

I guess Anwin's been tagged too. Would love to see his results. I am not tagging anyone, cause I dont think Anoop or Karthik even use Google Analytics.


  1. cool da naveen......
    google is truly smart ;)

  2. hehehehe...and google can be awfully stupid too sometimes...judging by the results...but me no complain

  3. Hey man, I do use Google Analytics... Just that I dont blog too many these days ;-)

  4. Dude, long time no blog?

  5. Dude..its a huge gap for u in this blog?


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