Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I was abducted by aliens!!

Hmm, me and Anwin are taking a break from work and we see this really insane looking "Flying Object" hovering closeby. Little did we know that its an "ultra-high-speed" Indian Air-Force fighter plane, travelling really fast. We come up with some insane UFO concepts. This is one:

XXX (read American) : I have been abducted by aliens and had been "probed" from all angles and it was a harrowing experience.
We then find that there is a repeat sex-offender living close to this XXX (read American)'s house!! Man, I dont think its something to be proud of when you have been "probed" from all angles by an alien!! Certainly not!!

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  1. probably on of the few times we are on a perpetual high just like without any reason...thats today....yeah


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