Thursday, July 06, 2006

Why everyone hates Cristiano Ronaldo...

Well, that was just to get your attention. But still, someone tell me why everyone seems to hate him? Or atleast most of the crowd did in the France Portugal semi-final last night. Every time Ronaldo touched the ball, they booed. So much so that I got so damn pissed off. It is so damn childish. To get back to the reason for why he was booed, we have to go to the Portugal England quarter final that England lost so well. Or rather, so badly. They have never had the guts to come out on top of a penalty shootout and they blame Ronaldo for their exit? Insane. To get back to why Ronaldo is being blamed, we have to go back to that match where Rooney was sent off for kicking Ricardo Carvalho’s groin. Notice that it is Rooney's foot that kicked Ricardo. Not the other way around. Ok, seems like half the world accepts that but very dispiritedly. I am certain that they would have all said otherwise unless there were cameras capturing it all!!. Ok, now that that is settled, everyone says that they hate Ronaldo cause he came running to the referee asking for a red-card for Rooney!! How fucking childish can you jokers get?

Damn, Rooney firstly fouls, then kicks a guy in the groin, then pushes Ronaldo....all this happening just next to the referee and YOU ALL BLAME Ronaldo? WTF!?! Are you all on drugs or some mind-altering substance?? Rooney has to keep his temper in check. He got the red card for kicking someone in the groin. That is potentially a career-destroying foul. You are playing in front of all the world! He didnt have to kick Carvalho, he didn't have to push Ronaldo. He did BOTH!!!. For his fault, Ronaldo is blamed. And to top it all, the press goes ballistic in parts of Europe and England, some even stooping to the level of being vulgar!! Damn, blame Rooney. Crucify him in the press. Dont look for a scapegoat to hide your shame!!! I know, its not wrong to be ashamed of a thug like Rooney. White Pele, my a**!!

I also read what Alan Shearer (an ex captain for the English team) had to say - "I think Wayne Rooney should go back to the Manchester United training ground and stick one on Ronaldo”...hmm, just shows what an El-Cheapo of the finest grade you are, Alan!!

I think the good thing that comes out of all this is Ronaldo need no more play with that school-boy team, Manchester United.

For not so hateful an article, read through this on WorldCupBlog.....


  1. Oh yea... He indeed is a thug. For his age,rooney has a very lousy temper. He has got a long way to go and prove a lot of things. And this is not going to take him anywhere. WhenI read that he was named 'White pele' I was shocked. A legend's name for a player with such lousy attitude. And Alan, yes, I guess the school kids in his country can be a better sport. And he was a 'Captian'. Hallelujah!

  2. dude..
    This country is fucking insane. The commentators yesterday on TV took it out on SGE and Ronaldo.. how cry-baby like. And it would take british genius (read Alan Shearer), to think of his now famous comment after the match referring to Ronaldo asking for the card- "We never do things like that here; are we too honest as a footballing nation?!"
    Er.. something amiss.. who kicked who in the balls again?
    Balling bloody nation..
    Nice blog btw.. shall visit more.

  3. talk about finding scape-goats...out of thin air

  4. everyone does not hate ronaldo, english fans watching the game definitely would. pro-english commentators would. the english team is overhyped. portugal was so much better team to watch. ronaldo is so talented, i like his unique running style on the ball.

  5. hmm.....nearly everyone does though!! and its insane


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