Monday, July 10, 2006

Why Zidane, why??

The World Cup is over and no one is more happier than Anoop. The Italian team played well and the match was pretty good. Buffon was outstanding and France would have certainly won had Barthez been playing for Italy!. But something put us off from a real big time celebration. Zidane who had found his form sometime in the World Cup, really played well and kept the Italians on their toes. At first, we missed the head-butt. But it was replayed and we saw it and were thunderstruck by what we saw!!! I dont think anyone still knows what really happened. Maybe we never will. But whatever it was, Zidane should have kept his cool. What a sad way to finish your career!! But we salute the way you played, Zizou!!.

There have been rumours on the internet that he was taunted by a racial slur. Not sure. Lets wait and see. And by the way, the World Cup 2006 was otherwise, a great one. Me and my friends watched nearly all the matches. Good one.


  1. yeah dude ,there would be lots a speculation,this and that.
    But u must say it was a power full head but ,it knocked the player down.

  2. Oh yea dude, one awesome world cup. I'm Zidane cannot forget this for ever. But still, he atleast got the well deserved Golden ball!

  3. "Zidane gives head to Materazzi"
    You could say that France might have won if Zidane was there among the penalty takers, but I doubt it. So I'd say that the bugger went out in style! Italy won the WC, but who's bothered? Everyone's talking about Zidane!

  4. FORZAA ITALIA!!!!! Well I like the anonymous comment!!!! Italy won because no one and I mean no one was capable of scoring a darn field goal against them!!!!!!

    Well atleast i got over the disappointment of 1994 where I cried buckets and my uncle with whom i was watching the final ...found it rather amusing..the cad!!!! after 12 long years i have revenge!!!..he he

    Well its been a long hard month coaching the Italian team through the TV am going to rest a bit now..


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