Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Goal of the Century

Well, what Anoop commented on my last post - "just because a person cant play to his best anymore ...doesnt make him a lesser man...nor does it erase his past heroics...I will still stand by my hero in his darkest hour and also bring about euphoria in his best!", made me think. Its true. In this age and time when people can forget things in the blink of an eye and move on, I think how much important it is also to relive, revive and treasure some moments from the past. We have had our heroes and the latest generation (oh, I must be getting old) just seems not to bother about any of these older heroes. To live the moment is what they are after (yeah, I must be getting really old here!!). Made me remember all those days of old when me and Dad used to watch football matches together but always support the opposite teams.

So here's to one of the legends of football - Diego Maradona. The media hates him, he hates them. But we will remember him. The Goal of the Century!!

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