Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Dont cry for me Germany!!

Damn, for the game that Germany played, they could have left Argentina win the last game. Man, what a pathetic game Germany played. I mean, I would love to kill Anoop here, but Italy played a great game during the first half. The second half was taken over by Germany, but it still was not so great a game. Extra time seemed a drag with both teams quite tired. But I am sure many people must have noticed that the referee indeed missed many an oppurtunity to provide Germany some yellow cards. At the lag end of the second half of extra time, I am certain Germany decided that they can beat Italy on penalties. Man, what a pathetic clockwork of a team. They have to pass the goalie pieces of paper for reminding where each player shoots!! How pathetic can that be??
The goal by Grosso was a blinder and took Germany by surprise. And though I am certain that Del Piero cannot play more than 15 minutes, his goal was an awesome one. Hats off the Italy. Great game. Yo bugger Anoop, you owe me a treat for this!!

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  1. All I can say is..

    Cannavaro - Superman
    Pirlo - Accurate
    Grosso - Man of the hour
    Gattuso - the beast
    totti- flashes of brilliance
    Iaquinta - energetic
    Lippi - the leader
    Zambrotta - the fighter
    Buffon - unpenetratable
    Del Piero - My Hero! was a team effort and just because a person cant play to his best anymore ...doesnt make him a lesser man...nor does it erase his past heroics...I will still stand by my hero in his darkest hour and also bring about euphoria in his best!

    As for the treat...I WILL BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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