Monday, March 13, 2006

A great day...

Yesterday was a great day!...

Firstly, a good start to the F1 season with current favourite, Fernando Alonso winning in style with a close second by Ferrari. Notice I do not mention the driver. Its the car that matters.

Secondly, an amazing victory by South Africa chasing a seemingly improbable 434 runs to coast to victory. Australia, batting first, with some amazing batting by Ricky Ponting scored a world-record 434 in 50 overs. South Africa, lost a quick wicket. But not to be outdone, Gibbs and Smith put on a great partnership and the game actually went down to the wire. And Boucher scored the winning runs actually setting a new world record for the highest score in One Day Internationals. Traditionally labelled "chokers" by the Aussies for losing matches towards the end, South Africa had the last laugh this time. Choke on this you freaking Aussies!!!

And finally, the best news for the day. A close friend of mine has suddenly gone ahead and got engaged!!. Great news - great one dude!! Not too many people know, so I am leaving out some details here and not mentioning his name. Cheers dude...


  1. oh yea, too many great things happened yesterday and it seemed to be an ordinary day, but it was'nt. The best part of the whole race and the match is We did not miss it! And congrats to you dude. I'm not giving the name as well.

  2. And cheers again to the dude who bunked work to share the good news...late night though it was until he opened his mouth...

  3. Thanks boys... and thanks again for an awesome weekend as usual!

  4. Oh the engaged boy has read the post...hehehe

  5. "Saturday is when you can do the same things you did all week but not feel guilty about it." - Old Chennai Proverb


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