Thursday, March 09, 2006

BlankNoise - project?

Well, I assure you that my post is a little belated...what with it being night here when I make a post about yesterday!. But as you all know, I hate it when you keep aside a day for any celebration and since I just wanted to post about this topic, it doesnt make any difference what day it is. Aargh, thats enough rambling....let me get to the point..

I was reading some blogs as part of the "blogathon" organised by the BlankNoiseProject (BNP). Though the posts all dealt with harrasment of women, I was somehow put off by BNP's attitude that all men are to be mistrusted and that there are no good men left, their view of personal spaces and of men who look at women. The BNP is quite an activist when it comes to putting this view across and though I would not agree to all the views that Saket has put across on his blog on this topic, I would agree to some.

Especially when it comes to looking at women. Now come on, men look at women, women look at men too. I have heard more comments passed by women on men than the other way around. But thats a point of perception. I say this, I look at women. All men look at women. Its the way that you look at women that matters. Just looking at a woman is not a sin. This is why I hate fire-breathing feminists. They label you a lecher, an "ogler" if you so much as look at a woman. There are men who would strip a female when just looking at her. Well, thats also made worse by the addition of a lecherous grin or a smirk on the face. It more looks like a comeon, face me up kinda look. Thats pathetic. But not all looks are the same. I think its nothing wrong to admire a pretty face or a great looking woman.

The point here is that you do not EVER over-step. And the concept of personal spaces - yes, even when my personal space is threatened, I will hit back, try to make larger the envelope. This space is so much lesser on public transport and on other public spaces. But this certainly does not allow men to lean into, take over that personal space of anybody else, even women. And its all the more so when they try to use their hands. I mean, I read of so many incidents where women have been molested as children, before they could even understand what was going on. These men are sick. And I can understand their anger at feeling that no men are to be trusted. I read a blog where a woman had said that she is so scared these days that even when she goes out for a walk, she has to be worried about a man making a move, touching her up. It is so bad that she cannot trust anyone. Any man and every man looks like a potential oppressor. This is a pretty sad state. Though I can understand what these women say and feel, I feel that the BlankNoiseProject has to make more of a consious effort in changing their attitude.

And never would I agree with men or even other women who say that a woman's clothes or the lack of it lets a man make his move!!!. What you wear is your own. Even the way women, talk, walk does not give anybody rights to infrige on their space. But its more like a two-sided view. I hate feminists as much as I dislike male chauvinists. Both are equally insecure jerks!!

Good that someone else also thinks the same way. Make a solution for once. I mean, I really believe that one of the main reasons why we have such bad things happening is becuse of the sexual repression that we have in our country. We have crazy scenes in Indian movies where the hero makes a run for a woman by first teasing her, passing comments..and she eventually falls in love with him. Thats one of the reasons why I hate Indian movies. It makes me so pissed off. Then we don't have a proper sex education in place in our schools. No proper interaction of girls and boys at a young age. Put this all in place. Make this country a true democracy - I am sure that we will not have these problems, atleast less of them!


  1. Curiosity kills the cat!
    When you cose something and say do not open... obviously people wil want to find out what. There is nothing that we can do by talking. If few things has to change, it hs to be made. To make things we need to be in authorities. We shouldn't be waiting for some superhero to emerge to change all these things. We need to have self realizations. And when I say this , I know the very word is far far away. I go with every word of yours dude. But, lets think of what we can do from our part to change. Atleast the Next generation will have a pure, real democracy.

  2. after all these days....... finally a good post.ehehehehhe.

  3. Yeah, I know - a star of a post....hehe, atlast a good true....but I really felt on this one..


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