Monday, March 27, 2006

Headbangers ball.....

Finally, MTV or its off-shoot, VH1 has realised that there is a great rock following in India.....moreover, a great Heavy Metal following. They are bringing back "Headbangers Ball", one of my most favourite TV shows of all time!!!.

I remember the old days when Gary(?) used to host this show on MTV until MTV decided to suck!!...and start playing stupid crappy Hindi-pop shit!!..

You can watch the inaugural show on the 7th of April, 12 midnight!!..Rock on amigos....

On a lighter note, check out this link where you can watch ASCII old rock videos.....



  1. I have never watched the show da. Lets watch it on 7th.

  2. You waste sad...but yeah we can definitely watch and headbang (for an hour atleast) on the 7th

  3. Hey dude

    I am one of the very old fans of Headbangers ball' In fact, I had coordinated one of the bands featured on Headbangers from Bangalore to Hyd for a show!!!!

    Freaky shit!!! ok...guys were doped to heaven before performance itself.....


  4. Yeah true of the best music shows on the planet....and u must have had some fun doing these things...

    so when we come down to chennai...the beach party thingie??

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