Monday, January 29, 2007

Left hand, stone throw, crow

Renie flying back to chennai - Flight re-schedule - frantic phonecalls - book flight ticket - terrace - Old Monk - Coke - dehydration - pack of cards - first time I joined a card game - "nerve-wracking dude" - good sort of nerve wracking - lost - Aces, spades, trumps - no one cared about the game - decide to debate - television viewing, good or bad - no point debating - religion (great topic) - think alike - no point debating - agree on same points - discuss purpose of our lives on earth - good topic - different angles on same view - more drink - healthy discussion (note: not debate) - bringing up kids - morality - respect - passing on information to the kids - questioning our existence - answers can be passed on - so no more same questions - but different questions may be asked - circle of life - school days - beginning of The Chows - Ngl - school - crushes - Tonya - teachers - libraries - stolen books, glances, peeps, brushups, black lace - plate-washing-place - rice - school-days - Asaripallam - stolen lunch box - driver - merry-go-round - stage performance - enthusiasm - Gerald - valentines card - Backstreet Boys! - at her house - Godson, Omni - denial - porn - Seruppu, flying - magazines - Sputnik - Renie, Anoop - classroom - Anand - punishment, fear - AK - Gladrags - Bernard - gangup - Anwin, denial - me, new - me, one of them - ICSE - first friend - colour dress - Daniel - salt tests - practical exam - Copper Sulphate - burette, conical flask, burrette, all broken - winding up - cycling - waiting after school - anoops house

And the best of all.....that after close to 15? years, Renie (and I think the rest of us) came to know (from two sides of the story) that Anoop managed to close his eyes in that very infamous incident where Renie threw a stone at Anoop's eye. Renie, infact had thrown it with his left hand, at a crow, sitting BEHIND Anoop, cause he was eating and his right hand was dirty!. Hit Anoop's eye and he managed to close his eye in time and balked in all the attention that he received after that!!.

Damn, really good one that had us laughing for a long time.

Dudes, wouldn't trade that night for anything......great night........

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club

Finally I got an invite to ride with the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club and I accepted the invite on time. Even though Anwin wasn't here, I badly wanted to go on the ride. Checked with Anoop who was very much interested and raring to go. I was sent an email saying that we need to assemble at Town Hall at 0700 hrs sharp. Still groggy from all that tripping with Ramkumar the previous night, we woke up to cold weather in the morning. Started off and Anoop was egging me on to go faster as we were close to shooting the deadline. We reached the Town Hall and see 6 bikes assembled there. A couple of standard 350s and Thunderbirds. Introduced ourselves and went hunting for a tea-shop closeby. Damn, this is where I somehow like TN. There, you can get even hot food at 6 or 7 in the morning. Managed to hunt down a tea-shop and even though it was past 7, we thought that the riders will not turn up for some time and we can start reading the daily newspaper!. Well, time went by and more bikes did turn up and we finally ended up with 20 bikes. What a sight to behold! 20 variants of the Bullet all parked in front of Town Hall!.
Even though it was quite late, some of the older members finally arrived and we were told that the ride captain for the day, Trishul had fallen sick and hence would not be riding with us. So someone else took over and we were asked to ride in speeds were were comfortable with and also use the headlights.

First stop, the Shell petrol bunk on Mysore road and people were ogling at us. Rode off on the Mysore highway and it was an awesome ride. Stopped for breakfast and after losing the way once, we did manage to reach the Kanwai reservoir. Though it looked kinda barren without too much water, it still was a nice place to reach and we assembled in the shade to have an informal intro session. Good fun getting to know the people and even the pillion riders got a chance to introduce themselves. We hoped that some of them ride Bullets the next time.
We finally disbanded after a small photo session with all the bikes lined up. I have always wanted to be part of such a photo!.


Well, we finally decided to ride back as the heat was getting to all of us and I even remember nodding off on the way back. Dead tired and a great ride!!

The next time I ride with the RTMC, I will be part of the club. Looking forward to it.

Arsenal leave ManU in the dust

HoHoHo!!! What an awesome match it was. Those incredibly beautiful strikes by Henry and Van Persie were a sight to behold. Eat dust, ManfuckingU!!!..

To view the goals, here goes.....

Friday, January 19, 2007


Well, I came across Jajuk - Just Another JUKebox from Lifehacker. This is a really cool player. The main multimedia player on my computer has been Winamp, for all these years. But looking at the features that Jajuk has to offer, I think its time to finally change!!. This seems like the software that could make a change much like Firefox or Wikipedia did!.

Check out a great screenshot tour on LifeHacker - here...

To check out Jajuk and download, visit this link...

Best of all, its opensource!!....rocking....

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tenacious D on Dio

Here I am listening to this song called "Dio" by Tenacious D from the album TenaciousD. Jack Black sings about Dio, asking him to pass on the torch, that hes been a great rocker and all that.

The next song that comes on my player is "Don't Talk to Strangers" By Dio himself!! Ironic huh!!
(I later checked out on Wikipedia and read that Dio liked the song, Dio and infact Tenacious D appeared in the video for his single, "Push". In addition, Dio also appeared in the 2006 film Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny playing himself.)

If you don't understand head or tail of the above post, follow the links for lyrics to the song Dio...information about Dio....information about Tenacious D....and information about the song Dio.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Teacher faces 40 years for exposing student to smut!!

Damn. This is truly a sad situation. The teacher faces upto 40 years in jail just because the lame-ass browser that the school uses is Internet Explorer!. Damn, now theres another reason why you should not be using IE!!. The complete story here - via BoingBoing.

People, go and get FireFox.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

20,000 music videos on one page...

Check this page out dudes...... 20, 000 videos on one page!! I guess its all YouTube, so whip out your FireFox browser and install the VideoDownloader add-on and download em all!.

Cisco vs Apple

Ok, wagers please! In this corner, Cisco. You all know Cisco.

And in this corner, Apple Co. A company that has often run down competitors just for spite. And has many a time in the past brought companies to court just because of infringement of rights to a name.

You make the choice people, give Apple what it deserves. Please don't allow it to settle out of court people! We want to see it take back the stupid iPhone and change its name!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Quit smokin!!

Well, to all my friends out there who smoke and sit in front of the computer for extended periods of time (and I know there are many), here's a small app that will help you quit that really screwed up habit - QuitCounter

Have fun...