Thursday, April 30, 2009

Church spire

On my recent trip to Chennai, captured this pic of the Loyola College church steeple in some good light. Thanks to the video camera..

I've also posted this on my PhotoBlog.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rock the vote

Well, elections are in town and I suggest that you dust off those mis-spelt Voter ID cards and stand in line for a few hours to vote for someone!

But who do you vote for? Some people say that they are all politicians are equally corrupt, equally bad. But I say - vote so that the worse one does not come to power!. Vote for your right to freedom of speech. Vote for your freedom of expression. Vote against bigotry. Vote against people who beat up women. Vote against the Yellow Brigade. Vote against jerks who with their narrow minded thinking will make this country a very narrow minded nation filled with hate filled narrow minded zombies.

Vote. Make a fucking difference. Remember the old cliche - Little drops of water make an ocean!.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fat salaries

I was forwarded this by Senthil and loved it. Thought I'd put it up on my blog.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Harley Davidson

Well, I have a feeling the iconic bike makers are gonna foray into the Indian market - finally! Though I would have loved for Triumph to do so, we'll have to settle for Harley.

We were invited for a bike workshop on Saturday by a company that gathers a lot of statistical data and provide groundwork for pre-releases of automobiles. They had some amazing (to say the least) bikes on display and we were asked to rate the bikes on around 20 different criteria. Out of a total of 18 bikes, there were just 2 Indian bikes!. And out of this 18, 8 were Harley Davidsons!. Drool Drool. Though I am not the biggest fan of the Harley, it was near-heaven to be able to touch, feel and see these amazing pieces of machinery! I loved the Harley Davidson Ultra Classic the most. Beautiful bike - all complete with speakers, ABS and an awesome back seat. Would love to ride across long stretches of good road in the back seat - with a beer in my hand! :)

The picture is courtesy and here is the link to the page on the Harley Davidson site itself.

One other model that I was so damn happy to see was the Sportster. As mentioned about a year ago on this blog itself, I was looking forward to seeing this bike and I was drooling all over the Sportster. Sat on it and the stance was awesome. I loved the Nightster too but the damn thing had such a lousy sound to it and when I sat on it, I knew that your back would go for a toss on long rides!

Loved the Harley Night Rod too....beautiful looking bike. But didn't like the stance again.

Well, there were some other bikes that I have always wanted to see to - MV Agusta and the Ducati. Another model that I don't think you can ever lay your hands on here in India was the Cagiva.

Blown away by these bikes, "Balls" asked whether we could go and down a couple of beers at the Windsor pub quite close by. Happy to, we were off and actually sat there for a looong time. Downing beer after beer accompanied by awesome Pork, Beef and great company is simply awesome. The manager - Satish, who we know through our RTMC association also suggested some great food. The food was simply awesome. Finished it all with some awesome Kappa and Meen Curry!

Aaah! Sigh! - of utmost satisfaction. Great weekend.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Harley Davidson coming to India

I definitely think so! I've just seen, drooled over and felt 10 different Harley Davidson models and think they're just about to enter India.

Friday, April 03, 2009

The Yellow Brigade

I hid in my foxhole when "foreign" terrorists hit my city. I never came out even for an interview. "My" people - people who speak my language even were massacred. I still hid. The NSG fought valiantly. I still hid. Nobody asked where I was hiding. I still hid.

Days went by. It all ended. One terrorist was captured. I still hid.

Months went by. Valentines day passed without a whimper. I still hid.

One lawyer decided to represent the lone captured terrorist. Hope you read that right - represent! That was all. My temper flared. I started frothing at the mouth. How can one woman decide to fight for that terrorist. I came out of hiding wearing my pink underwear. I called up my buddies. Lets go thrash the poor lady and her house. Bloody woman! How can she. Culture. What happens to our culture. Yeah pour me some more scotch. Ya fucker, don't tell them that its scotch. Its local hooch.

Get them "longs" and lets go thrash somebody. I have been hiding too long. Need to teach someone a lesson. Bloody culture haters!