Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Harley Davidson

Well, I have a feeling the iconic bike makers are gonna foray into the Indian market - finally! Though I would have loved for Triumph to do so, we'll have to settle for Harley.

We were invited for a bike workshop on Saturday by a company that gathers a lot of statistical data and provide groundwork for pre-releases of automobiles. They had some amazing (to say the least) bikes on display and we were asked to rate the bikes on around 20 different criteria. Out of a total of 18 bikes, there were just 2 Indian bikes!. And out of this 18, 8 were Harley Davidsons!. Drool Drool. Though I am not the biggest fan of the Harley, it was near-heaven to be able to touch, feel and see these amazing pieces of machinery! I loved the Harley Davidson Ultra Classic the most. Beautiful bike - all complete with speakers, ABS and an awesome back seat. Would love to ride across long stretches of good road in the back seat - with a beer in my hand! :)

The picture is courtesy http://www.milehigh-harley.com and here is the link to the page on the Harley Davidson site itself.

One other model that I was so damn happy to see was the Sportster. As mentioned about a year ago on this blog itself, I was looking forward to seeing this bike and I was drooling all over the Sportster. Sat on it and the stance was awesome. I loved the Nightster too but the damn thing had such a lousy sound to it and when I sat on it, I knew that your back would go for a toss on long rides!

Loved the Harley Night Rod too....beautiful looking bike. But didn't like the stance again.

Well, there were some other bikes that I have always wanted to see to - MV Agusta and the Ducati. Another model that I don't think you can ever lay your hands on here in India was the Cagiva.

Blown away by these bikes, "Balls" asked whether we could go and down a couple of beers at the Windsor pub quite close by. Happy to, we were off and actually sat there for a looong time. Downing beer after beer accompanied by awesome Pork, Beef and great company is simply awesome. The manager - Satish, who we know through our RTMC association also suggested some great food. The food was simply awesome. Finished it all with some awesome Kappa and Meen Curry!

Aaah! Sigh! - of utmost satisfaction. Great weekend.

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