Monday, August 25, 2008


Have always wanted to get a good macro of an insect and today, got a really good shot of a beautiful specimen of the common Indian Dragonfly. The bugger did not even move and I got some good shots of him up close...


You can check out the other shots on my Flickr page.


  1. The dragon fly has come out well. But if you photo shop the background, it will look even better. Kinda White background.

  2. True...but me don't like "touching up" my pictures....

    Can give it an experimental try....maybe

  3. nice, very nice. Did you read about the D90, the first DSLR with video?

    Thank God I am not fanatical as you or Nithya are about photos or I might have stolen something or sold a kidney to buy it.

  4. Yeah read about it Sam! But me being more practical...will start with a D40 maybe....but still have to sell a kidney!! :)


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