Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Awesome service - TATASky

Wow, I must say that I am impressed. When I was looking for a DTH service, I was also looking at Dish TV. I have no idea about their service, hence I really cannot comment. But I was also thinking of waiting for Reliance's BlueMagic. But I have decided that I will never have anything to do with a Reliance product in my life after this lousy and DISGUSTING service from Reliance.

Well, getting back on track, I am really amazed that there exists such great service from a service provider in India. While in the US, a provider can get his ass sued off for not providing service which he has promised in letter, there is nothing like that in India. All we can do is rant and rave and get really annoyed.

Since I decided to shift to another area in Bangalore, I called TATASky service center to ask what the procedure was. They explained that I will have to pay Rs.600 for the relocation charges and that will be all. When I enquired about the equipment, the agent was apologetic and said he was sorry for not having informed me about it. He asked me to just take the set-top box along with me to the new location and then asked when I needed the installation done and the new address. I gave them these details and when moving house, took the set-top box with me.

After reaching the new place, I called TATASky and asked them when they can do the installation. The agent looked for a slot and said the next morning. I asked them to try and make it sooner. I left it at that and was expecting the person to turn up the next morning. But he gave me a call in 3 hours and asked if he could turn up at my place. I said sure and he did. There was a small power problem so he could not test the connection but he fixed up the dish in no time! The power came back in an hour and he tested it and there, I was watching TV in 3 hours flat!!

Rocking and great service, I must say TATASky. I wonder when some other players are going to realise that CUSTOMER IS KING!

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