Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hey Ram!

Wow, came across this beautiful set of posts on Hey! Ram. I love the way they have been written. I think Anwin and Karthik would love it too.

Love Kamal! On reading these posts, I am somehow come to terms with what I have understood with the movie when I watched it. This puts it in words - great job!

Monday, July 14, 2008

I've been delivered

Man, I used to listen to this song without giving too much thought to the lyrics. Damn, amazing lyrics. This guy is Bob Dylan's son for sure!!

I could break free from the
wood of a coffin
if I need
But nothin's hard as
Gettin' free from places
I've already been

I've been waist-deep
in the burnin' meadows
of my mind
In the engine
In cold December
shootin' fire from the hose

Now turn off your lights
'cause I'm not comin' home
'til I'm delivered for the first time

I was first-born to a parade
that follows in rows
down a narrow cold black river
faceless shadows
movin' slow

I would move swift when
the sounds of a trumpet would blow
I've been the puppet
I've been the strings
I know the vacant face it brings

Now the bells of curfew
They may ring before I'm through
But soon
I'll be delivered for the first time

You might keep clean
in the back of an angel motorcade
It doesn't matter who walks in
you know, the joke is still the same
You'll just wake up
like a disposable lover
I've been gone
I've been remembered
I've been alive
I've been a ghost

So now, if downtown explodes
I'll still be on this road
'til I'm delivered for the first time

I have drawn blood
from the neckline
when vampires were in fashion
You know I'd even learn
to cut my throat
If I thought I could fit in

'Cause I, I once heard
that you gotta learn
how to blend in to this mess
Where nothin's hard
nothin's precious
and nothin's smooth or flawless

Now, no more amused
just screaming to be delivered
for the first time

Now I'm ten miles in the deep
and mighty blue sea
Looking back, towards a long white beach
burnin' up into yellow flames

And I just wave back
like a little boy up on a pony
in a show
'cause I can't fix
something this complex
any more than I can build a rose

So just keep on letting go
'cause I must be close
to being delivered for the first time

Now I'd rather bleed out
a long stream from being lonely
and feel blessed
Well than drown, laying face down
in a puddle of respect
I was once lost
in the corridors of the arena
in blindfolds
I've been the bull
I've been the whip
I just pulled down the matador

So now, turn on your lights
'cause I'm comin' home
I've been delivered for the first time

Sunday, July 13, 2008

6th International Jawa Yezdi Day

Got this update from Metroblogging Bangalore that the 6th International Jawa Yezdi Day is commemorated today with a meeting of all Jawa and Yezdi bike enthusiasts at Cubbon Park and that there is a short ride afterwards to the Coffee day at Channapatna. Since Abhilash has recently done up his Yezdi, I thought it would be great to drag the guy out of bed and tag along to this meet. I was expecting close to say 50 bikes. But damn, it turned out to be more. There were close to 100 (or more) Jawas and Yezdis at the meet. It was great to see the enthusiasm and love for the bikes. The press also turned up in their numbers to cover the meet. Good stuff. Me and J left at around 8 since I could not go on the ride - Only Jawas and Yezdis allowed!

Good turnout and an interesting meet. Anyone from the RTMC there?

Some of the pics are up on Flickr - here.

And a pic of Abhi's Yezdison


Max Payne - The movie

Damn, this looks like the trailer (in some language) for the movie Max Payne....


Update - the trailer is in English and its already available on the official site -

And this is my 400th post - not bad for just 5 months less than 4 years of blogging!.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

What the hell are Metallica thinking?

I started hating this band from the time they lashed out against Napster. Since then, their music has really started sucking really bad too. My other favourite Metal feed for the day - MetalSucks couldn't have said it better - "If I want to download a Metallica show, I’ll download an old one from when Cliff Burton was alive and Lars could still kinda sorta play drums; and, oh yeah, I’m not afraid of Lars’ lawyers, so if I want to download the album, I’ll just do so for free and keep my twenty-five bucks, thank you (and after the hat trick of suckiness that was the band’s last three albums, I vowed I’d never pay for Metallica music again until I’d heard it front to back and could be 110% positive that the juice was worth the squeeze)."

Damn interesting read - read the whole article here.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Maiden Heaven

I came across this bit of news from my daily staple diet of Metal news - Headbanger's Blog. Brit metal mag Kerrang! is giving out a copy of the album - Maiden Heaven - A tribute to Iron Maiden with its next issue. Some cool metal bands have covered Iron Maiden songs and you can listen to some of them on the Kerrang! site. Check it out.