Sunday, July 13, 2008

6th International Jawa Yezdi Day

Got this update from Metroblogging Bangalore that the 6th International Jawa Yezdi Day is commemorated today with a meeting of all Jawa and Yezdi bike enthusiasts at Cubbon Park and that there is a short ride afterwards to the Coffee day at Channapatna. Since Abhilash has recently done up his Yezdi, I thought it would be great to drag the guy out of bed and tag along to this meet. I was expecting close to say 50 bikes. But damn, it turned out to be more. There were close to 100 (or more) Jawas and Yezdis at the meet. It was great to see the enthusiasm and love for the bikes. The press also turned up in their numbers to cover the meet. Good stuff. Me and J left at around 8 since I could not go on the ride - Only Jawas and Yezdis allowed!

Good turnout and an interesting meet. Anyone from the RTMC there?

Some of the pics are up on Flickr - here.

And a pic of Abhi's Yezdison


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