Saturday, July 12, 2008

What the hell are Metallica thinking?

I started hating this band from the time they lashed out against Napster. Since then, their music has really started sucking really bad too. My other favourite Metal feed for the day - MetalSucks couldn't have said it better - "If I want to download a Metallica show, I’ll download an old one from when Cliff Burton was alive and Lars could still kinda sorta play drums; and, oh yeah, I’m not afraid of Lars’ lawyers, so if I want to download the album, I’ll just do so for free and keep my twenty-five bucks, thank you (and after the hat trick of suckiness that was the band’s last three albums, I vowed I’d never pay for Metallica music again until I’d heard it front to back and could be 110% positive that the juice was worth the squeeze)."

Damn interesting read - read the whole article here.

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