Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rock concerts

Well, well. Iron Maiden were here last year for the first time and we all had an amazing time preparing ourselves and to herald the coming of the rock gods. They are back this time, but only to Mumbai and they are kicking off their world tour from there. Even better, they will be playing only their old songs. But hell, I can't make it even though all my friends are going. Damn!! But have fun guys and rock on!!!

But a small consolation, planning to make it to the "Rock In India" festival featuring Megadeth and Machine Head.


  1. Oh yea... thats another one we need to go. But dude please... one last try.. ask your office guys for just 1 day off. That's gonna be Legendary!!!

  2. yeah machan...come for the maiden concert...

    and yes, megadeth too. F'ing awesome!!!


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