Sunday, January 20, 2008

Reliance Wimax Broadband

Well, a lot of blogs and sites have trashed Reliance's Wimax service and there have been a lot of comments on these sites from existing users pouring out their woes. But since this is the only option I had to get an internet connection from, I opted for the same and applied. All they needed was an address proof (original copy. I gave my mobile bill), Identity card copy and a local cheque for 500 bucks. I had also checked whether my area was covered and was told it was. A little skeptic, I gave the documents to the guy and also was told that it would take 2 weeks since their equipment was out of stock. I didn't mind and said that was fine. But you gotta appreciate them, I got the equipment in a week and it was fixed the same day. And I checked the connection. Damn, beautiful I must say. Neat speeds and a very steady connection. I get a normal speed of 40KB/sec, which is even better than Airtel I must say.

I have always been a little skeptic of Reliance all these years. I think this started with the lousy tinny ringtones you used to get on old Reliance CDMA mobiles. Things have changed and the Wimax seems to be a winner!!


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