Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gilmour and Pink Floyd

Rolling Stone has an amazing interview with David Gilmour who has just released the DVD "Remember that Night - Live from the Royal Albert Hall". In it, he discusses about the new releases, Pink Floyd and Roger Waters. Kinda sad to see him say these lines - "What I’ve been doing for the last couple of years — what I was in the middle of when Live 8 came along — was my album, and that’s what I’m thinking about. It’s been a joy and very satisfying, and the album did very well, even though Rolling Stone only gave it two stars. Everything went so well, I can’t see why I would want to be going back to that old thing. It’s very retrogressive. I want to look forward, and looking back isn’t my joy. Roger hasn’t written a lyric lately that has really been something where I’ve gone, “Wow, I wish that was part of my oeuvre.” I don’t know how one puts it, but going back into all that just wouldn’t bring me joy. It’s my time of life to be selfish — please myself."

So there's no chance that Pink Floyd are getting back again....damn!!!

Read the complete interview here....

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