Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Colourblind - legal downloads

Thanks for the link to Split-Magazine, Renie. Yeah, I don't think many of us, even though such lovers of rock music, follow the Indian rock scene as much as we would want to. Or maybe we don't wanna. But its good that we can atleast hear and see some of these bands in action at some local music fests. I also get to understand what they all pretty much go through through this friend of mine in the band, Bhumi. While rock bands all over the world are atleast hated by the media, here its a complete write-off as though they are not really worth anything. How does it feel to write a great rock song and be asked to sing it in a regional language or worse, put in some "electronica" and make it a pop song? Yuuuck!! And I don't think the Indian Rock scene is getting any better. You can read up on some Indian Rock acts here.

On kinda the same note, I was really glad to visit the site for this erstwhile Indian band, Colourblind through a link from Split-Magazine. I remember me and Anoop buying the album all those years ago (I remember we buying it cause it was cheaper than all the other international albums and the album sleeve was awesome) and listening to it time and time again. I even remember making the album into mp3s some years back. If you haven't listened to the album, this is one album you have to listen to. Damn, all the songs are good and the ones that stand out must be "Bang A Drum" and "Falling from the Sky". I really loved the vocals and especially the bass guitar. Great job there. And when I visited that site, I see the links for the legal downloads of all the songs from that album. No idea why the band faded away after that one album. You guys had done a great job!!. You can download the songs here...

Was also happy to see links for the downloads of all the songs by Indus Creed/Rock Machine. You can download them here....

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  1. Oh yea, looks good dude, Just downloaded the Colourblind and Falling from the sky.


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