Saturday, July 29, 2006

Scary House at Garuda Mall

Well, Anoop, Thenraj and me decided to go for the Pirates of the Carribean today. We didnt get the tickets at Symphony and decided to have a bite at Garuda Mall. We had a great meal and then went to the INOX theaters. No luck there too and saw this place called Scary House. It was a cool 40 bucks each. And was not worth it. Man, you guys have to make more effort to scare people!. Maybe some mirrors and moving platforms would have added to the scare!!. I mean, the only thing that came close to a scare was the one just before walking out the exit. Its this place where a figure swathed in black in a dark room is lying in a bed and suddenly sits up and pushes the bed violently towards you. Thats it. Frigging 40 bucks down the drain!!!

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  1. Ha ha ha, There are a couple'a scary houses here as well dude, I'll waste some money and check that out.


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