Friday, July 28, 2006

Rockstar Supernova

Well, have been following the episodes of Rockstar Supernova on and off for some time now. The very first episode was awesome with some great performances by the guys and gals who auditioned. One of the best performance has to be that of Josh Logan who played one of the songs by Black Crowes. What an awesome rendition of the song. But the guy has steadily slipped in the ratings....wonder why so many people do not like the way he sings!!.
Watched one of the episodes today. Today, the bottom 3 singers sang.....that was Dana and Phil. Phil kinda sucks and I see on the site today that he has been chucked out. Good then, nothing lost. Just thought that I'd put in my two bits about the other singers.
Dana - Pretty good looking. Kinda overconfident and does not have a good vocal range. Struggles on some songs.
Dilana - One of the better female singers. Can improvise really well. Good vocal range. Punkish.
Jill - Hoo!! Kinda get hot watching this short bombshell. Not exactly great looking..but woohoo!! Please dont select her, Supernova - she is better off crooning country songs!!.
Magni - the man, not from the USA. Good vocals. Not great stage presence. Great song selection.
Patrice - fuck it, chuck her off!.
Ryan - with that accent?? No way, let him go home!!.
Storm - must be next best to Dilana. Pretty good vocal range and has made good song selections.
Zayra - sounds like a donkey when braying...oops singing!!. And what an awesome suit selection in the last episode. A blue stretch suit that left me puking!!. And NO vocal range. Cannot sing for nuts. Fucking FIRE her people!!.
Lukas - looks like a punk. Selects the same genre of musi too. Great vocal range, nice song selection, has not made a wrong move so far. Can maintain a great presence on stage. His last rendition was awesome.
Josh - Well, I really believe this guy has to win the competition. Hes more into soul and this kinda rubs Supernova the wrong way. But still, great vocal range and can sing really well. Let him win people.

Hehe, Gilby Clarke is kinda the coolest after Dave Novarro. Tommy Lee looks wasted in every episode. Newstead looks and acts confident. Rock on Supernova.....


  1. machan...storm is voting for her...her last performance was really great. not missing a single episode here...hehehehe

  2. Yo buggers, I'm not getting to see any of the episodes here.


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