Monday, June 12, 2006

World Cup far...

Well, the World Cup has begun and 8 matches are over already. There have been some good matches and some lacklustre ones. Some of the big guns may have won, but not very convincingly. When leaving office on Friday night, we were in for a big surprise. Anoop had gone out and bought a small fridge to store some beer in - all for the World Cup. When I went home, there was some cool beer and some great matches waiting. Good one dude!! Following are some of my thoughts on the matches so far...

Germany 4 Costa Rica 2 : Didnt get to actually watch the whole match cause I was stuck in office. But the remainder of the match was pretty good. I still think Germany could have shut out Costa Rica more effectively.

Poland 0 Ecuador 2 : Pretty good match, considering that many people thought that Poland would win quite easily. Well, we have kind of an upset on that match!!

England 1 Paraguay 0 : One of the lamest matches so far. I fail to see why the BBC raves so much about this team, or maybe it was one of the teams bad day out. I mean, the only goal came off the Paraguay captain, an own goal and the match was pretty boring with no great fun.

Trinidad and Tobago 0 Sweden 0 : Hehe, another upset I am sure. What a match with T & T playing really well!!

Argentina 2 Ivory Coast 1 : A pretty good match but I should say that Argentina did not really play well. I mean, the 2 goals were good, but they should have kept their defence a little more tighter!!. Riquelme impressed with the mid-field. Seems like he will be the playmaker - or maybe Sorin.

Serbia and Montenegro 0 Holland 1 : Robben certainly impressed in this match. He took a little time to get out and really start playing, but he really impressed especially in the second half. I wish Netherlands really had poured in more goals!

Mexico 3 Iran 1: One of the most equally matched teams I should say. Or so it seemed until Mexico put their foot on the gas during the closing stages of the game. Bravo impressed and the Mexican goalkeeper, Sanchez did a great job. Also impressive was Marquez, once Borgettin came off after an injury.

Angola 0 Portugal 1 : Well, again a pretty good effort by Angola. If they had converted some of their better chances, Portugal would have surely lost. Ronaldo as usual, has to control his emotions.

Well, these are the matches so far. Hope to watch some better ones soon. And Anoop's favourite, Italy is playing today. No brainer that.


  1. The first match was really awesome...with Fringgs and Phillip (whats his surname again?) scoring brilliant goals...I loved that match

  2. Oh yea the 1st one was a good match. But then the best match so far is goingto be played today 'My' Brazil Vs Croatia. Croatia is kinda OK team but am sure can't stand against Brazil.

  3. dont count your chickens...Croatia is not a team you can discount soooo easily dude

  4. Yeah Zeon, I am certain that 186,405,000 (as per the 2005 census) people agree with you that its "Your" Brazil..... ;)

  5. Thank you people. For all 186,405,000 citizens of Brazil ;-)



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