Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup 2006

Damn!, hours to go for the BIGGEST (yeah not even your damned cricket comes close!!) sporting spectacle of the planet to begin and there is no sign of it anywhere here in Bangalore!!! Oh! you that-boring-pseudo-game-called-cricket lovers of India, where are the times when football ruled?? Where is all the excitment and the colours, the discussions and arguments on which is the best team?? Damn, I feel bad for all you jokers who cannot watch the World Cup. I called up my dad and he is in the darkest of moods cause in Tamilnadu, there are not many places where you can get ESPN Star Sports on cable. Damn, wish for him that DD could have telecast the matches live. Think DD also has plans only for cricket!!. Can't watch the matches in office either. There is a TV, but no cable!! But might get that arranged!!. (YES!! - update on that - the TV is working and even better, thanks to an ex-manager, they have arranged for the projector and a large screen!!! GREAT!!!!)

I think there are only 2 countries on the whole damned planet where they will not be tuning into the World Cup - India and the friggin' US of A!!!!!!!!! (Update on that too - hmm, the fever is spreading, slowly but surely!!)


  1. Actually a lot of people from Iania will also watch, May be US won't.

  2. Nice first match Germany looks good I suppose.

  3. Wrong dude the Us of A is fucking tuned in, atleast where I am is, my local pub was choc-a-bloc for the 6 am(local us time) england paraguay game

  4. Great to know that dude!! Yeah and all the matches so far have been pretty good.....


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