Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Goa - Hooks in you!!

Reminds me of the lyrics to the song by Iron Maiden - Hooks In You. Really, Goa hooks you. You don't want to come back. I am still half there. Thats the reason why I am posting this 2 days after having arrived back.

Man, what a trip. For a more through description of the trip that we took, I would suggest that you read Anwin's blog. Me, Karthik, Prem and Sanjeeb had decided on the trip just some days back and boy, am I glad that we decided to go. For us, all good plans (plans that we carry out to completion) are taken at the spur of the moment. So we went to Goa. The travel was pretty bad. But reaching there and taking a ride around to the beaches was awesome. I mean, really awesome. What an exhilarating experience. You have to have been there to understand. I really mean it.

The roads are really good....nearly every road. There is no traffic on the main roads. The people are so laid back and awesome. The beaches are great. The weather is even more so. I tell you, not once did I feel the humidity that you are supposed to feel in places near the sea.

Good fun. Have some pics posted on Flickr. Here are some of my favourites...


Anwins tatoo -


Night at the beach


Karthik's "Tatoo"


Great Roads


Great view from Augoda Fort



  1. hey.
    thanks for the comment. nice pics

  2. Goa and Baga...I almost feel like writing a poem now.... sigh!!!

  3. Whoa....whoa.... What an awesome trip we had man. Everyicture takes me back to the place. hmmm...(sigh!!!)

  4. Dudes

    I completed 2 trips to goa and even today given a chance I'll jump to goa for a holiday....nothng to beat that place man.........in fact there are some unexplored beaches in goa which r jes awesome....u need atleast 15 days stay goa to check those out


  5. when r u gona take me to goa???? at ur own expense heheheh


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