Thursday, February 23, 2006

Generalisations - men and women....

Well, I have been thinking of posting this for a very long time. I am not too sure that I will do a good job, but let me try to. Firstly, a disclaimer - I am not against women and their views in any way. Aaargh, but why try explain that here - this post is all going to be about this idea only.

Men - generalise. About women, that is. Or that is what women have told me. And I have to accept. I have noticed instances where men generalise in situations and to tell you the truth, I do too. But I don' t think it a sin that we men generalise. About women that is...

When men generalise, we usually end up by saying that "Women are like that". Yes, we do and I know that many other men do so. Hehe, maybe even some women say that. But that is not important. What I want to say is that we generalise about women. Why? - cause we think thats how they are. Not all of them, but most of them. But that is the point right - it is the majority who act that way, so we generalise. I cannot give a technical explanation of generalise. If interested, please try Wikipedia.

So we go ahead and generalise and say that women are emotional, hi-strung and loads of the other stuff that jokes of this kind are made of. There's so much more, but that is the stuff that jokes are made of. None of us actually say that.

Well, when we, in the course of some conversation, say that " You women are all the same", we would be received with weird stares and sometimes, they even ask us how we can say something like that. Rarely, a heated argument ensues. I have had such an argument with a girl I knew well. I escaped with my eyes intact.

Ok, fine. But then, I get some emails on my office inbox. Spam to be exact, or mindless stuff that people in their right minds will not forward. But well, thats for another day. So I read it and it is actually for once, pretty good jokes. But these are jokes about men. And they are good ones. But the recurring theme in these jokes is that men are generalised. But then, we accept that we are like that. We do like to curl up on the couch with a cold beer and chips, watching a game all night. We do not ask for directions. I don't for one. But we accept our traits.

This is where we differ from women. They will never accept their similar traits. They say, don't generalise. But I say, why - you are after all like that. There's nothing wrong in it. But how is it that we cannot generalise, but they can. We have been the butt of countless jokes involving cars, directions, toilet-seats, football, TV, couches etc. So when I can accept my "faults" or what nature has given me, why not accept yours. We are the same, yet different. You generalise, we also generalise. We accept, but why cannot you??

I mean, having talked to some women about this, even the more liberal minded ones, they still do not accept. I really cannot understand. Is there someone out there who can explain??


  1. I agree to most of it...but I am not commenting. So I escape from "generalising". Let the girls, if they would, explain. Tee Hee Hee

  2. Dude,
    women are li that ,that don't accept it.You know that.

    Did I generalis...

  3. Dude... if at all they understood, would you have got a chance to write this post. would we have got an opportunity to discuss something. Hmm... they are like that...(If you say even I'm generalising)

  4. dude... I somehow got to know wht made you post this ... when god himself doesn't know why we women are like this how can poor male know why we are like this or why we do not accept it ... may be even god wanted to retain his position ( tht male are superior sex ) so he put a bit of less brain for women so tht they don't think hard ... if they start thenit will be some thing more that generalizing and cribbing.

  5. Well, oracle who said god is a male to you. Did you see him?!

  6. jus thinking.............when did men ever accept their faults?ok am generalising... well got to accept that men n women r equally bad.they both hav ther idiosyncrasies... and take great pains to deny that.
    uve got my name roy.

  7. Hey we know who the anonymous commenter is!!

    Following on the topis of discussion - Yea and when did women ever accept their faults? Well, didnt really wanna take it this long...but yeah, guess thats how nature made us...thats how it will be for ever....

    but still, we accept, so why cant women?? back to square one eh??

    hmm and OracleIncognito, why think that women are inferior to men??

  8. who said women dont? its jus that u guys never listen

  9. Hmm..Dude, the arguments continue eh??
    Oracle, Women need not be GIVEN freedom, Its already there, they just need to ACCEPT and take it. The are no inferior.

    Nitya, There are men who dont accept their faults as well. So are women. But its just that accepting males are more than their counterparts.

  10. Well.....seems that the arguments are continuing and getting a little heated here....but its ok, thats what I was hoping would happen....

    Great views people...thanks for all the comments...I hope more ppl stumble and put in theirs too.....would love to hear more comments from some women on this...

    but yeah, women are not inferior....and Karthik, women have that freedom - it is not even ours to give...but theirs to take....true.....but how many men are willing to let women take it??

    and its true, there are more men who are not ready to accept their faults than the other way around...

  11. Hmm...women don't accept their faults but a man's (with no exceptions!) second name is 'EGO'...something ain't logically right here, don't ya think?? ;)

  12. Thanks Deejay for the inputs too...nice to see you on the blog....

    Well, ego is not exactly all men's second names...there are exceptions for sure...and like I said, all men do not accept their faults.....

    but also back to women don't accept their faults do they? and in turn, they generalise?

  13. Hey you dont seem like women.
    Are you gay ?
    Or are you just commenting about women.... hmmmm anyway some of it is true. A woman will always be a woman and dont forget get a man too can be like that :)


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