Monday, February 27, 2006

Bike crash

Well, sad news - my bike was in an accident.

A friend of mine who is not too accustomed to driving a Royal Enfield took my bike out early on Saturday morning cause he had an interview to attend in a place quite far away. Guess he was also driving a little too fast. He got hit by a Sumo and lost control of the bike, took it to the mud-road and fell. He also dropped the bike. Good that the guy did not get hurt badly and did not drop the bike on his leg. That would have been really bad. He managed to drive the bike back.

I was pretty much shocked to see my bike like that. The headlight dome was twisted and had taken a hit. Both the right indicators were gone. The footrests were twisted out of recognition. And I think the hit was pretty bad cause the handle-bar was twisted. What I didn't know at this time was also that the fork had taken a hit. But life goes on, so didn't lose my cool and decided to take the bike to the Bullet garage then and there. Anwin and Sanjeeb accompanied me with my friend.

Theres this Bullet garage in HRBR layout that me and Anwin haunt and we took it there cause we know the guy well and he's quite honest. After thinking about whether we would take it out on insurance or pay for it, I decided to pay for it. I really don't want to have to wait too long to get my hands on my bike again. Well, my bike is still there in the garage. Work has begun. Let's hope that I get it soon.

There goes your hopes of riding the bike Renie!

But otherwise the weekend was a real blast. Sanjeeb also stayed over. We had some network Quake 3 games that rocked. It was so much fun that Anwin even tried his hand at this hated game. Saturday night was also awesome - or should I say early Sunday morning. We played a game of paintball - except that we did not have paintball gear. We played it with empty ciggie packs and a LOT of honesty.

Nice one.....


  1. Hi i know how much u are irritated, and when u told me the bike is out of shapes i was shocked for a while coz i was one of the admirers of that, but dont worry it will all be fine , and u will have ur hand on that soon...

    and u are always lucky that nothing stuck u anywhere , either your friend being hurt badly or the 3rd person who crashed with the bike.

  2. Hmm... Shit happens all the time. And like you said, life goes will we.


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