Thursday, August 25, 2005

Mangal Pandey, the Musical..........all hype and no show!!!

Damn! A waste of a 100 bucks at a time when I have none to spare. I wish I had atleast spent it well on 2 bottles of beer. Yeah, thats true, I'd rather waste it on beer rather than sit and watch a stupid hyped up, wasted movie!!

At the very beginning, I really thought that this movie is a musical. It should not have been named as the Rising, call it a musical instead. The Khan guy is a good actor, but I seriously think that he has tried too hard. Take it easy, great theme, pretty ok storyline, but give it to an actor who can play the part - someone like a Kamaal Haasan. Somehow, Aamir did not seem to fit the part quite well. Granted, he has done a decent job, but it was not great.

Then comes this annoying thing about a damn song or chant, if you will of "mangala, mangala" that comes up at very inappropriate moments in the movie. You sit there, enjoying one good scene of the whole movie and it pops up with guys sitting on on elephant singing this. Man, how crude can you get? I have not an inkling on how this can fit in into any movie!! Incredible!!

And the crazy masala! Man, this has always been a staple addition in every damn movie. And there are very few people who have the guts to make a movie without this, or to atleast put it in such a way that it does not seem so blatant. I mean, does a movie with a theme like this really need this many songs?? Crazy holi songs and the lousy song and dance routines. Made me wanna throw up - nearly!! And however much it is great to watch Rani Mukerji dance around in a "nauch" girl costume, it still jars!! Somehow, felt very out of place.

Well, moving on in the movie, the "girl on girl" action song was great and the only no-out-of-place sequence in the whole movie. And you really believed that!! That was also out of place - absolutely!!!! Why do we need this really crazy item numbers in every damn movie, I ask?? I mean, doesn't these songs actaully make us, the viewers fools?? I never did understand songs like that in movies like this. Like I said....all hype, no show....

Or was that all movie. And what may I ask was Amisha doing in that movie. A stellar role, an amazing performance. No, I was not talking about her at all...that was a different movie, a different actor. (would have called her actress, but you see political correctness is the name of the game!!). Even Toby seems to have put in a lousy, lame performance. Unlike his performance on the Bond one. Well, maybe the heat got to him. Yes, I am running out of things to say.

All in all, I should say that it was a pretty boring, unrealistically loony movie. You got a great theme, good enough story line and you screw it up. That has to take a genius to perform.

And more so, I would have loved to tear the movie to shreds, but I think I have managed to only rip it...Eh, hell, everybody knows what a lousy movie it is.....


  1. yeah good one. I wrote the same on my blog yesterday. die mangal (the movie).

  2. Spicy!
    It practically bites...
    good job!

  3. Man Am I glad I was not at home on that fateful sunday afternoon!!..I think I was watchin the friends re-run at G'mas place for the 197456th time..he he

  4. Seriously - wait another 3 years before you waste time going for a hindi movie. Hopefully by then they'd learn not to insult our intelligence. Watched a bit of that "it's the time to disco" movie, no idea what it's called - decent movie, decent editing and choreography... except for the usual crying mothers, red-eyed over-acting Shah Rukh Khan and corny lines. When I heard the word "heart" about 11 times in a span of 5 mins, I decided it was time to waste my time watching crap on AXN instead...

    And hey, hey - Google's taken notice!

  5. hey the trolls are back!!!!! whos this "Renie"????..

    he he


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