Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Well, well, enough has been said I think of Bangalore's lousy or infact, NON-EXISTENT infrastructure. But still, like kicking a dead horse, you just feel like getting a little blood on your leather boots....

I remember when I came to Bangalore 2 years back, the work was going on on the Domlur Flyover. Well, we all believed that it was a normal thing and that the work would be over soon. And that was 2 years back. Now, I still see that the iron work is still standing, but well, rusted. I shudder to hear that the deadline for this flyover is December 2006. Man, that is more than a year still to go!!!

And to think that they will be building this flyover with the still standing rusted sheets and rods of metal.....thats incredible!. An example in this picure that I took quite near the flyover.....

There have been protests and there have been sit-ins....nothings happened.....

And they have the balls to call this the SILICON valley of India. Give me a friggin break!! Pack your bags and get outta the way, I am not leaving, I just incite people to do so.... cause I love the prehistoric feel to this city....


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  2. Yea dude... When they have BALLS to raise fund from the state budget and restart the work on the rusted steel, its no surprise that they have balls to call it a SILICON city.

  3. ditto.

    Nice blog,by the way.I'll keep an eye on you..

  4. Hey,where that critical review you promised?

  5. Thanks for the comments......yeah, the Mongol Pandey review - is in the making.....will be up soon


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